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Radu Voda by Xephyriel
Radu Voda
Gypsy, drunk, friend...

 All things that describe Mr. Radu Voda, student at Sigantium, Academy of The Arcane Arts 

Radu grew up best friends with Xephyriel Wraithenholdt. He's a noble son, born to an influential Drovani Gypsy family in the southern most province of the Gothic Horror nation of Raevenar.

Radu's mother, who died while he was very young, passed on a magical legacy as she was a powerful witch. The Drovani Gypsy folk have a long tradition of being skilled in divination, and magic in general. Radu exhibits his magical talents through blade magic, and innovative new fortune card magics. He is also an expert in short range teleportation.

Radu has a passion for drink, which he usually imbibes in excess over the weekends, or at any excuse. Always a rebel and a prankster, he largely ignored the efforts of his mechanically minded father to school him in elementech. Radu made a point to become excellent at making anything technological fall apart or malfunction, successfully foiling his father's plans to send him to geomancer school in far off Riftenshard.

Radu spends much of his time skipping classes, and in detention. He takes general studies, and as many electives as he can manage. He has a passing fondness for the creature fighting magic of Convokation™, but does not participate in organized competition. Radu is however the starting mazeball team captain for house Gallowsblood's team: The Ravens.

This piece was created by damie-m for the Sigantium  project. Radu Voda, Sigantium and art © 2014 Dragonhatch Productions all rights reserved. How does Sigantium relate to me? I am one of the creators and founders of DHP.
Professor Shadestrider by Xephyriel
Professor Shadestrider
This is my favorite professor from the Sigantium Academy of The Arcane Arts. This piece was done by the ever talented 2blind2draw for the Sigantium project.

Professor Shadestrider hails from the western desert kingdoms of the floating continent of Masada, born little better than a slave to an elven troupe of cut-throat bandit performers. After gaining his freedom, he set out on a wildly su
ccessful career of thievery, con-artistry, and especially, assassination. He was the best at what he did, and eventually came into the direct employ of the undead dragon Stygius. His allegiances and priorities underwent a drastic change after he became entangled in a series of adventures with a group of heroes lead by an elven wizard affiliated with Sigantium.

Mysterious and macabre, Derthinixal is an intimidating presence standing over 7 feet tall, his body covered in scars that no living person should be able to bear. His severe, raspy voice, and uncompromising teaching style, have terrified many students and inspired all manner of wild rumors that he does nothing to dismiss.

Finding a talent for sorcery at a young age, Derthinixal pioneered deadly methods of magically augmenting his roguish talents. He now shares his knowledge at Sigantium teaching such courses as Intro to the Desert Kingdoms, Bardric Studies, and Murderous Arcana.

More info and portals
Official Website

Xephyriel At The Springs by Xephyriel
Xephyriel At The Springs
I decided to upload a sketch that I drew today. Yes, I finally uploaded my own work again! This is just personal art of my OC Xephyriel, which was inspired by a play test my partner and I had done last night for our project.  
Hopefully more inspiration comes soon! This came after over a month of art block. Sparta Emoji-13 (Headblox spin) 
Anywho, glad I found my groove again January - EMTC ! Hope you all enjoy Tard Boogie - now a plz 

Xephyriel & Art © Sigantium © Me
The Necromancer by Xephyriel
The Necromancer
Hey everyone! This is a piece I had commissioned by an old school D&D art master, Thomas M Baxa, for the new D&D campaign setting, Sigantium The image depicts a necromancer raising a Demon from the depths of hell. 

Follow Sigantium’s progress on other Social networking portals:

Official Website

Tenepsis by Xephyriel
Another wonderful piece created by damie-m for the campaign setting known as Sigantium

Tenepsis comes from the mirage filled, sandy wastes in the westernmost edges of the desert kingdoms. Ancient structures from forgotten civilizations are buried and un-buried by the never ending sandstorms that wrack the region. She had awoken from her tomb, remembering little of her former life, but much of h
er people's history and magic. Tenepsis set out across the wastes, drawn my an unknown and undying purpose.

Shahalidor came across her, eventually, and easily saw past the undead form she resided within. He sensed instead the talent, purpose, and exceptional magical knowledge she possessed. He knew her ability could be put to good use, educating his students and himself, on the forgotten magics from the ancient sand buried kingdoms of the west.

Students that do not do well with bugs, are not advised to take her classes. It is not uncommon for scarabs to wander out from beneath her wrappings to tour the classroom during her lectures.


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Just wanted to take a moment to share Sigantium's latest news. Sigantium is an upcoming D20 based RPG, bringing together some of the classic names that defined a genre, and amazing new talent re-defining magic and fantasy itself! Brom has joined the project! For more information, head on over and like us on our Facebook page! Watch the video of Brom announcing his involvement in the Sigantium project on Youtube. He's going to be participating in the kickstarter, once it's live! I would also like to remind everyone that Thomas Baxa, fantasy illustrator who worked with Brom on Dark Sun, has also joined the team and his art can be viewed on the Facebook page.

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